We offer a curriculum that is age-appropriate, interactive, and fun.

human squareOur unique approach to education marries the Montessori method of actively engaging the child with more traditional, teacher-directed elements. Formal lessons are limited, thereby, allowing children to effectively apply and exercise what they are learning in real-life situations. Our aim is to support your child’s academic, social, and emotional development through coordinated, hands-on learning experiences.

Using both “push in” and “pull out” models, our integrated classrooms offer a general education curriculum for all students, with the added benefit of having a specialized teacher come in at specific times to meet individually with students in need of special education.

Primary areas of focus include reading readiness, recognizing and writing their names, recognizing numbers and counting, sorting items, identifying shapes and colors, paying attention and following directions, expressing their feelings constructively, introduction to Spanish, music, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and dance class. Opportunities to develop executive functioning skills and activities revolving around S. T. E. M. are intricately woven in each age group’s curriculum.

We Offer:

Infant Room
We take care of your children at a warm, nurturing, and positive environment where we maintain their daily routine and help them explore the age-appropriate tools we have for them.

Our classes are designed to provide toddlers with a sense of wonder for the world around them, fueling an innate desire to learn.

Our three-year-olds come to not only discover their voice, but also to further explore ideas by manipulating objects in their environment.

At Hands On Early Education School, Inc., we seek to galvanize your child’s interests through varied educational programs and activities.

Kindergartners will start learning the basic concepts in academics through child-centered materials to prepare them for their next stage in learning.